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How it works

Please note:

  1. The commission will be calculated on the total selling price excluding tax, discounts, and shipping costs.
  2. No commission will be awarded for the sale of gift vouchers.
  3. It is not allowed to directly or indirectly order items through your own affiliate link(s).
  4. Spider websites are not allowed to participate in the Affiliate Program.
For more information, refer to the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions .


Measuring sales is one of the key components within the affiliate program. We employ two tracking methods simultaneously. The primary tracking method is shopping cart tracking. This means that when a visitor, through your website, visits our store, and we recognize the visitor, your referrer is stored in the shopping cart of the respective visitor. If the visitor makes a purchase within the specified cookie period, the referrer in the shopping cart will be read. It doesn't matter whether the visitor makes the purchase on the same or a different computer than the one on which they visited your website.

If no referrer is found in the consumer's shopping cart, normal cookie tracking occurs. We will check the user's computer for the existence of a first-party cookie containing the referrer.

Cookie Period

The affiliate program uses a standard cookie period of seven days. If a consumer purchases one or more items within seven days after clicking from your website, and the consumer does not visit the store through another partner or marketing channel (search engine, banners, or email newsletters) within these seven working days, you will receive a commission on all items purchased by the consumer.
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