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Receive a personalized Birth Chart Reading that provides a clear picture of the unique celestial and planet positions of the moment you were born.

This interactive Birth Chart reveals your strengths and weaknesses, tells you how you can grow, what you need in this life and much more.

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A beautiful story with you as the main character

Calculating your Birth Chart is just the beginning. After this the real work begins: interpreting the positions of the planets in correlation to each other.

In about 11 chapters we take you on a journey of discovery through the universe based on your personal Birth Chart. We explain how the energies of the individual planets affect you. Their different strengths and influences are discussed in detail.

Your Birth Chart
Your inner self
Your outer self
Your emotional side
Your intellectual side
Your approach to love
Your approach to life
Your strengths
Your challenges
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
Your generation
Today and beyond

Receive your Birth Chart Reading


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Thanks for providing me with some insights about me.
The most detailed, thorough, informative horoscope I ever read!
Yes it is 100% how i experience seve & my life
I found my Birth Chart reading most interesting, adding a lot to what I already know of myself. The Chart is very well structured, easy to read and to understand as the cycle and influence of each planet is well explained. I found lots of new meaningful information on aspects and influences which had mentioned to me before. this gave me a more profound understanding of my astrological environment. The influence of th Moon was totally new to me and I understand now the important role it plays in my life.
Perfect ! So accurate !
It's astounding how much of the analysis deeply resonated with me and just verbalized eloquently what I have always know but wasn't able to articulate. It's a powerful look inside myself that will absolutely guide me in re-discovering myself!
For a while I have been studying astrology, but interpreting a birth chart is not easy. I am glad that it has now been done so well for me.
I recognize myself in almost everything and I now also know which steps I want to take to get started with my passion.
You will learn more about yourself than you already knew.

Astrology is more than one zodiac sign

We all read our horoscopes from time to time in a newspaper or magazine. Interesting as they are, usually they only reveal the tip of the iceberg.
Astrology is a science
Astrology includes so much more than just our sun signs. Astrology is an art, a science, a method of psychoanalysis and a gateway to the future.
🙌 Astrology is more popular than ever
With the advent of the computer, the ancient art of predicting the future using astrology has expanded and become accessible to a wide audience. Over thousands of years, interest has steadily increased.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, a sign that combines scientific progress with ancient wisdom, the popularity of astrology will experience an even greater resurgence in the 21st century.
Energy of the planets
Astrology is a science and can be incredibly interesting. The greatest satisfaction is to see astrology in practice, knowing that our lives are really influenced by the energy of the planets, as predicted in our personal Birth Chart.

A unique energy

The eight major planets, together with the Sun and the Moon, form the basis for astrology. Each of the planets affects us differently. Without their unique energy, we probably wouldn't even exist.
Understand the complexities of the human character
Astrology is a tool that we can all use, a gift that allows us to understand the complexities of the human character and a key to this knowledge.
Profound changes in human life
The ancient astrologers knew seven 'planets': the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and they based their drawings on these.

However, three more planets have been discovered: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which have enriched astrologers with their variable, vibrant energies. These discoveries coincided with the profound changes in human life.
Earth is the
the central force
The planets of the solar system, including the Earth, orbit the Sun. For astrological purposes, however, the Earth is considered the central force in a personal Birth Chart Reading, and the other planets revolve around us in various cyclical movements.
The eight major planets, together with the Sun and the Moon, form the basis for astrology. Each of the planets affects us differently. Without their unique energy, we probably wouldn't even exist.