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Birth Chart
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Uncover the secrets and guiding forces of your personality based on the details of your birthdate.
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2.586 ratings
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The online version of your unique astrological birth chart: the map of the stars and planets at the exact moment you were born. With 11 chapters of detailed horoscope analysis, you'll uncover secrets and insights about your life and personality. Each chapter offers a deep reading into who you are and what your future might hold.

A beautiful story with you as the main character

Calculating your Birth Chart is just the beginning. After this the real work begins: interpreting the positions of the planets in correlation to each other.

In 11 chapters we take you on a journey of discovery through the universe based on your personal Birth Chart. We explain how the energies of the individual planets affect you. Their different strengths and influences are discussed in detail.

1. Introduction
Your Birth Chart
2. Sun
Your inner self
3. Ascendant
Your outer self
4. Moon
Your emotional side
5. Mercury
Your intellectual side
6. Venus
Your approach to love
7. Mars
Your approach to life
8. Jupiter
Your strengths
9. Saturn
Your challenges
10. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
Your generation
11. The end
Today, tomorrow and beyond

Online Version

Uncover the secrets and guiding forces of your personality based on the details of your birthdate.
Reveal your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and talents!
Risk free, money-back guarantee
Readily available


2.586 ratings
A few reviews of happy customers. This is what drives us ☺️
Verified Buyer
Verified Buyer
It made my quirky nature feel normal and made me realise that I’ve been fighting some of my personal traits when I should just accept them and live my life to the full!
Thomas Augustus
Verified Buyer
Accurate. Thanks.
Verified Buyer
Pretty accurate. Gave me a lot of confirmation on aspects of myself that need facing for my own peace of mind & overall health & wellbeing.
Verified Buyer
It describes me exactly as I am good/bad and how I go about my life on a daily. Highly recommend couldn't stop reading too the end. Thank you
Verified Buyer
I am very happy that I now have this for myself and can always read it back. Thank you.
Abdullah Murad
Verified Buyer
Really much detailed analyze, one of the best i ever read .
Verified Buyer
Almost everything mentioned in this birthchart reveals what i am and what i want to be ! Surely there are a few things which i dont tend to agree at this stage but lets see what the future holds for me :)
Verified Buyer
This one was for a friend. I had my chart done many years ago & it enlightened me. It changed my whole perspective and thus my life. I like to help others experience that gift. I aways tell them to take it slow... don't try to read all of it at once. It will be overwhelming to the
Verified Buyer
Super! will surely recommend it to friends✌️

Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions? Below we answer the most frequently asked ones.

What is a Birth Chart Reading?

A Birth Chart (or Natal Chart) is like a picture of the sky and the planets of the moment when you were born. A Birth Chart Reading reveals your strengths and weaknesses, how you can grow and what you may need in your life.

While interpreting your birth chart, we look at various aspects. For your Birth Chart Reading we pay attention to the personal planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, but also the social planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. We examine in which houses (areas of life) and signs these planets and moon nodes are located. And the aspects that planets have with each other complete your personal story.

How do I receive my reading?

You can choose how you want to receive your personal Birth Chart Reading. You can receive it digitally. Then we'll send you an email with a special link with which you can read your reading online on all of your devices. Or you can purchase it as a printed hardcover book, which will be shipped to your home address (we ship worldwide).

Can I request a refund if I am not satisfied?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the online version of your reading, you can use our money back guarantee within 14 days.

If you ordered the hardcover book you can't do this unfortunately, because they are personalized and are thus printed especially for you.

When in doubt you can first go with the online version. If you like that one, you can then order a printed book afterwards.

Are the contents of the online version and the book the same?

Yes, the text is the same in both versions. There is only a difference in the layout so that the content looks great in both versions.

How did you develop the contents of the book?

Your unique birth chart horoscope is an incredible guide to explore who you are. The content in the book was created by a team of astrologers and writers. We wanted to give you insight to understand the full picture of your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and talents!

In which language is the horoscope written?

The birth chart reading is written in English.

Hardcover Book

A beautiful hardcover book that interprets your unique astrological birth chart.
A made-to-order book personalized to your birth chart
90+ pages of personal horoscope interpretation
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